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Go Back To Work Safely!

With the confidence of the industry's leading touchless temperature scanner.

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Secure Your World!

Industry Leading Facial Recognition

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The World's #1 Fever Detection Solution

Fast | Accurate | Contactless

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Pyrexia - More than just a thermometer!!!

Thermal Scanning

Pyrexia uses the latest in Thermography Temperature Scanning with pinpoint accuracy within 0.3 degrees F - 66% more accurate than the industries next best competitor.

Policy Enforcement

Auto notifications to SMS and Email for High Temperature readings. Integrated Door Access controls. Touchless Check-In and Temperature Check for everyone entering your facility.

Compliance Reporting

Is your HR department looking for more accurate information? Pyrexia's Administrative Dashboard can provide date / time stamps, along with a record of their temperature, and visual confirmation.

Door Access Control

Pyrexia is much more than just a Thermometer, with integrated Door Access controls, if an employee, vendor or visitor presents a high-fever - Pyrexia can simply lock them out and deny access to your facility.


The Pyrexia Scanning Device can interface with your existing door access systems. NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, 4G and QR Codes are just a few of the capabilities.

Facial Recognition

Pyrexia uses the latest in Binocular Imaging with IR that is integrated into the industries leading facial recognition algorithm. With three separate cameras triangulated on the indidivual, and industry leading AI, accuracy (even while wearing a facemask) helps protect your operations.

#1 Fever Detection Solution

The Pyrexia Temperature and Safety Kiosk is the most accurate contactless temperature reading system available. The Kiosk provides temperature accuracy within 0.3 degrees F. Most hand held solutions are accurate to 3.0 degrees F. That is a staggering 1000% difference in basic accuracy.

The Pyrexia Temperature and Safety Kiosk provides readings that you and your team can trust.

The combination of our thermal imaging camera, our IR camera, our high-resolution digital camera and skillfully developed AI software can create the best solution available for you today.

Customized Branding / Marketing

The Pyrexia Kiosk allows you to brand your organization with your logos, custom colors, et cetera. The 27" High-Definition LED screen allows you to create custom messaging for your visitors, vendors and your team members.

Make the Pyrexia Kiosk into a Revenue Generating Solution. Have a vendor sponsor part of the kiosk and we can incorporate their logos / custom graphics right into the overall design and layout. Better yet, sell them advertising space on your 27" monitor and rotate numerous vendors throughout the day.

Secure Checkpoint

THe Pyrexia Temperature and Safety Kiosk is a true secure checkpoint. The Kiosk can check and lock out suspected high temperature individuals. The Kiosk can identify temperatures and recognize and even require masks. The Kiosk can identify visitors and employees through sophisticated facial recognition integration, with masks on or off.

You want security?

The Pyrexia Kiosk is a secure checkpoint system with full integration into your facilities door access system.